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Referral Program

Referrals Welcome!

At Altior, we have created a Referrals Program so that you can recommend everyone you know (friends, acquaintances, study buddies, relatives, and many others) who you think has what it takes to be a part of our growing company and help create the amazing work environment we have accomplished with the help of every single member of the Altior team.

How does the Referral Program work?

At Altior, we are constantly seeking outstanding talent to join our teams. We are convinced that there is no better person, than you, who is already part of our amazing team, to recommend candidates.

If you have someone you’d like to submit as a candidate, upload their contact details or resume in the form below, or you can send an email to

If we do hire the candidate, you will receive INR 15,000.00 (one-time referral fee).

The candidate must not be currently participating in our recruiting process and must stay with Altior for at least 4 months after being hired to be eligible for the reward.

Why is the Referrals Program so valuable?

Your recommendation helps us find the very best candidates
It allows you to help friends and acquaintances The Recruiting team gets help from all
The Recruiting team gets help from all of us when seeking high-quality talent
There is a reward! You get a monetary reward for your help!

Refer a colleague!

Remember that all kinds of talent and seniority levels are useful. So, you must submit as many candidates as you can because the more people you refer, the better chances we have of finding the most suitable candidate for the position. We are constantly looking for new and different profiles!

Allowed max 5mb file types are (.doc, .docx, .pdf)